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Self-Directed IRA

Types of Individual Retirement Accounts

You can choose the type of Individual Retirement Account or IRA that is best suited for you.  Our IRA Administrators and can help you decide which self-directed plan is best for you, including:

  • Traditional IRA

  • Rollover IRA
  • Inherited IRA
  • Roth IRA

  • Roth Conversion IRA


The Self-Directed IRA Solution

The term Self-Directed IRA can be very misleading because technically all individual retirement accounts are "self-directed".  You have the option of placing your individual retirement account at any financial institution that you choose, including commercial banks, savings banks, trust companies, securities firms, and insurance companies. 

The real issue is not where you place your Self-Directed IRA, but what types of investments, especially non-traditional investments or Alternative Investments, that a particular IRA Custodian will allow you to invest in and how much control will they allow you to have over the investments that you select.  You must decide what type of investments you want to pursue before you select your IRA Custodian. 

Self-Directed IRAs administered by Exeter IRA Services, LLC provide you with complete flexibility over the investments acquired and held within your own self-directed IRA.  Click here for a list of asset classes administered through Exeter IRA Services, LLC.

About Exeter IRA Services, LLC

Exeter IRA Services, LLC serves as a third-party administrator or TPA in the administration of your advisor-directed or client-directed (self-directed) Individual Retirement Account.  Exeter IRA provides its third-party administration services in conjunction with the IRA custodian for your self-directed retirement accounts, including Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP-IRAs and SIMPLE IRAs, where you can invest your self-directed IRA funds in deeds of trust, mortgages, tax liens, real estate, and much, much more.  Call us to learn how the advisor-directed or client-directed (self-directed) IRA can help you manage and diversify your retirement account investments.


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